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45 Most Powerful Quotes By Kim Jong-Un

Kim Jong-un was born on 8 January 1983, in Pyongyang, North. He is a politician and the Supreme Leader of North Korea since 2011. From 2012 Kim Jong-un also Chairman of the Workers’ Party of Korea. Kim Jong-un is the 2nd child of Kim Jong-il. In 2010, Kim Jong-un appears as to the leadership of North Korea. North Korean state TV announced Kim Jong-un as the ‘Great Successor’. He is currently Marshal of the Republic. we at Lessons Learned In Life love to share the Kim Jong-Un Quotes on Motivation and Inspiration. We compile the Top Inspiring Kim Jong-Un Quotes for you to be inspired and find them comforting and helpful in your life.

Kim Jong-Un Quotes:

1.“In order to develop the country’s sports in line with the great leaders‘ ideas and plan of developing Juche-based sports, our Party directs great efforts to the work of the sports sector.” — Kim Jong-un

2.“All Party organizations should maintain implementing the Party’s lines and policies as the major line of Party work, and carry every one of them to completion unconditionally.” — Kim Jong-un

3.“Forests are precious resources of the country and a wealth to be handed down to posterity.” — Kim Jong-un

4.“The great leaders called the working class first whenever difficult and gigantic tasks arose for the revolution and ushered in fresh heydays of the revolution by relying on them.” — Kim Jong-un

5.“Success in the revolution and construction depends on how a party, the General Staff of the revolution, is built and on how its leadership role is enhanced.” — Kim Jong-un

6.“The history of our Party is just the path travelled by our great people: its might is their might, its greatness is their greatness, and its victory is the victory achieved by them.” — Kim Jong-un

7.“We should concentrate all our efforts on building an economic giant to bring about a fresh turn in developing the country’s economy and improving the people’s standard of living.” — Kim Jong-un

8.“If we are to successfully build a socialist civilized country, which our people are desirous of, and ultimately solve the rural question, we should step up the cultural revolution in the countryside.” — Kim Jong-un

9.“There is nothing that our party failed to do when it trusted the soldiers and people, and a more resplendent future is unfolding before us today.” — Kim Jong-un

10.“The historic sea changes that have taken place in our country’s rural areas are clear proof of the validity and vitality of the socialist rural theses advanced by President Kim Il Sung.” — Kim Jong-un

11.“Developing the locally-run industry is very important in increasing the production of consumer goods.” — Kim Jong-un

12.“While boosting the production of consumer goods, we should channel great efforts into improving the welfare service for the people.” — Kim Jong-un

13.“Past records of inter-Korean relations show that confrontation between fellow countrymen leads to nothing but war.” — Kim Jong-un

14.“We should make innovations in coal-mining and metallurgical industries in particular so as to revitalize the overall economy of the country.” — Kim Jong-un

15.“It is a proud tradition and fighting trait of our army and people to rise up like mountains and go through fire and water to unfailingly carry through the party’s orders and instructions.” — Kim Jong-un

16.“The military might of a country represents its national strength. Only when it builds up its military might in every way can it develop into a thriving country.” — Kim Jong-un

17.“The entire Party, the whole army, and all the people should conduct a vigorous forest restoration campaign to make the mountains of the country thick with forests.” — Kim Jong-un

18.“The strength of self-reliance and self-development is that of science and technology, and the shortcut to implementing the five-year strategy is to give importance and precedence to science and technology.” — Kim Jong-un

19.“Chongryon should do all of its undertakings thoroughly as intended and wished by the great leaders, and usher in a new heyday of the movement of Koreans in Japan true to the General’s instructions.” — Kim Jong-un

20.“All sectors and all units of the national economy should launch a vigorous general offensive to boost production in hearty response to the Party’s militant slogan.” — Kim Jong-un

21.“We should improve economic guidance and management as demanded by the developing reality.” — Kim Jong-un

22.“Our Party maintains the improvement of the people’s living conditions as the most important of the numerous state affairs.” — Kim Jong-un

23.“We must well grow the valuable seeds, which the great Comrade Kim Jong Il sowed to build an economically powerful state and improve the people’s livelihood, and lead them to bloom as a glorious reality.” — Kim Jong-un

24.“We should raise fierce flames of innovations in the vanguard sectors, basic industrial sectors, and all other sectors of the national economy.

25.“Our cause is just, and the might of Korea that is united with truth is infinite.” — Kim Jong-un

26.“Our women’s union members and other women are really excellent and praiseworthy.” — Kim Jong-un

27.“The industrial revolution in the new century is, in essence, a scientific and technological revolution, and breaking through the cutting edge is a shortcut to the building of an economic giant.” — Kim Jong-un

28.“Those who do not cherish an affection for their parents, spouses and children and for their homes, villages and workplaces cannot love their country and fellow people; they can never become genuine patriots.” — Kim Jong-un

29.“Songun is a proud tradition of the Korean revolution which was pioneered by Comrade Kim Il Sung and led by him and Comrade Kim Jong Il and the banner of victory and glory.” — Kim Jong-un

30.“It is important to launch a mass and society-wide struggle to drastically increase the production of consumer goods.” — Kim Jong-un

31.“The first generation of the young people of our revolution took up arms following Comrade Kim Il Sung and fought the bloody anti-Japanese struggle, thus achieving the historic cause of national liberation.” — Kim Jong-un

32.“The political and military position of socialism should be further cemented so that it can be an impregnable fortress.” — Kim Jong-un

33.“There can be neither today without yesterday nor tomorrow without today.” — Kim Jong-un

34.“When young people are powerful, our Party and People’s Army are powerful, and there is nothing for us to be afraid of.” — Kim Jong-un

35.“Construction is an important front for solidifying the foundations of a thriving country and creating bases for the people’s happy life.” — Kim Jong-un

36.“A revolutionary party is, in its essence, the party of its leader that carries out his ideology and cause, and the main thing in its building is to ensure the unitary character and inheritance of his ideology and leadership.” — Kim Jong-un

37.“A rational system and order for educational administration should be established on the principle of ensuring smooth progress of teaching and scientific research by teachers and researchers, and of edification of students.” — Kim Jong-un

38.“Our party and the Republic’s government will go hand in hand with anyone who truly desires the country’s reunification and the nation’s peaceful prosperity and will make responsible and patient efforts to accomplish the historic cause of the fatherland’s reunification.” — Kim Jong-un

39.“Agricultural workers, together with the working class, constitute the main force in building a powerful socialist country, and the agricultural front is now a major thrust area in building the country into a socialist economic giant.” — Kim Jong-un

40.“Thanks to the great Juche idea and Songun politics of the Workers’ Party of Korea and the devoted struggle of our service personnel and other people who are unfailingly loyal to the Party, proud victories have been achieved in socialist construction and lasting foundations for accomplishing the cause of the Juche revolution have been laid.” — Kim Jong-un

41.“We should steadily intensify the work of establishing the Party’s monolithic leadership system to make the whole Party share ideology with the Party Central Committee, breathe the same breath as it, and keep pace with it.” — Kim Jong-un

42.“Nothing will be beyond our reach when we make the flames of creating positive deeds flare up across the country with the virtues of the young vanguard as the initial spark and bring into full play the mounting vigour of the millions of young people.” — Kim Jong-un

43.“Nothing will be beyond our reach when we make the flames of creating positive deeds flare up across the country with the virtues of the young vanguard as the initial spark and bring into full play the mounting vigour of the millions of young people.” — Kim Jong-un

44.“No force can conquer the service personnel and people who, in support of their great leader, have turned out in the struggle to defend their country with confidence in the validity of their cause and their own strength – this is a law and a truth taught by history.” — Kim Jong-un

45.“The single-hearted unity is the lifeblood of Juche Korea and the dynamic force for a leap forward, and we must invariably follow the road of self-reliance and self-development – this is the invaluable truth of the Juche revolution confirmed by our army’s and people’s gigantic struggle in 2016.” — Kim Jong-un

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