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Mandy Patinkin was born on November 30, 1952, Chicago, Illinois, U.S. Mandy Patinkin is actor and singer. His full name is Mandel Bruce Patinkin. He was well known for his film The Princess Bride in 87Mandy Patinkin other film credits include Yentl, The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland, Dick Tracy, Wish I Was Here and Alien Nation.  Mandy Patinkin appears in many major roles in TV series such as Dead Like Me, Chicago Hope and Saul Berenson, Criminal Minds and series Homeland. we at Lessons Learned In Life love to share the Mandy Patinkin Quotes on Motivation and Inspiration. We compile the Top Inspiring Mandy Patinkin Quotes for you to be inspired and find them comforting and helpful in your life. 

Mandy Patinkin Quotes:

1.“Everything I experience influences everything I do.” — Mandy Patinkin

2.“I believe there’s a common ground in what all gifted writers write. It has to do with their wish to turn darkness into light.” — Mandy Patinkin

3.“Our actions are the ground we walk on.” — Mandy Patinkin

4.“I try to get that across in the work, to try to, if I’m lucky, to make this world a little bit better for all of us before I check out. And that’s if I’m lucky, I don’t always get to have that privilege but I try always.” — Mandy Patinkin

5.“I love my work, I love the people I work with, I do the best I can.” — Mandy Patinkin

6.“I’m blessed. I have a 13-year-old girl’s eye and a 14-year-old boy’s eye. I’ve been given the gift of sight by people who decided to donate organs. I try to do as much organ-donor work as I can.” — Mandy Patinkin

7.“Sondheim is the Shakespeare of the musical theatre world.” — Mandy Patinkin

8.“All great men usually are awakened by the great women in their lives. No matter what friction is there if that relationship was there, that usually is their best friend, at the end of the day.” — Mandy Patinkin

9.“I’m so sad that I’m old enough to play, and I’m so grateful that I am. All that clichéd things, you really do learn something if you get the luck of being able to hang around. Even if it’s a rough ride, you learn.” — Mandy Patinkin

10.“If you’re sick, watch funny movies.” — Mandy Patinkin

11.“The time it takes to get something done is the time it takes.” — Mandy Patinkin

12.“Everyone’s entitled to their own experience.” — Mandy Patinkin

13.“Arthur Miller said one of my favourite lines ever, that he had the mother say to her two sons about a very unstable father in Death of a Salesman. She said, “Attention must be paid.” It’s one of the most resonant lines that I think he ever wrote, and I think attention must be paid to the truth.” — Mandy Patinkin

14.“Peace in the Middle East isn’t going to be created by another war or violent act on the other side.” — Mandy Patinkin

15.“In my prayers every day, which are a combination of Hebrew prayers and Shakespeare and Sondheim lyrics and things people have said to me that I’ve written down and shoved in my pocket, I also say the name of every person I’ve ever known who’s passed on.” — Mandy Patinkin

16.“One of the greatest gifts that ‘Homeland’ has given me is it’s affirming on a daily basis.” — Mandy Patinkin

17.“When I was your age, I used to treat the crust like it was just there to hold the good stuff in. I used to leave the whole back end of it on the plate. As I got older, I learned to appreciate the crust.” — Mandy Patinkin

18.“I’ve been very blessed in my personal life and in my career and I have never been ungrateful for what I have.” — Mandy Patinkin

19.“Who is the bad guy? Is America possibly the bad guy?” — Mandy Patinkin

20.“I don’t want people to sit and process the song. I want them to just let them bathe over them.” — Mandy Patinkin

21.“No one is going to beat the crap out of me more than me.” — Mandy Patinkin

22.“I hope that something can be done in our piece that reflects on the attention that needs to be paid to the most vulnerable people, like refugees in the world right now, that has to not be politicized but saved, literally.” — Mandy Patinkin

23.“My sense of religion is Einstein’s sense of relativity. I don’t believe in God. I believe that energy never dies. So the possibility exists that you might be breathing in some other form of Moses or Buddha or MOHAMMAD or Bobby Kennedy or Roosevelt or Martin Luther King or Jesus.” — Mandy Patinkin

24.“It is a game, the whole ball of wax is a game – your life, my life, politics, economy, hunger.” — Mandy Patinkin

25.“Comparison leads to violence.” — Mandy Patinkin

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