Top Lea Michele Quotes

Top Lea Michele Quotes

Top Lea Michele Quotes

Lea Michele was born on August 29, 1986, in The Bronx, New York, U.S. Her full name is Lea Michele Sarfati. Lea Michele is a singer, author & actress. Lea Michele started her career as a child on Broadway, appearing in 4 different series  Ragtime, Les Misérables, Fiddler on the Roof, and Spring Awakening. Lea main role-playing on the Fox series Glee. Lea Michele feature film New Year’s Eve in 2011, also released her single in 14  Louder, which at NO. 4 on the Billboard 200 chart in the US. In 17 released her 2nd studio album Places, which become at 28 on the Billboard 200. Lea Michele also publishes her 2 books,  You First: Journal Your Way to Your Best Life & Brunette Ambition. Lea Michele has a net worth of $12 million. we at Lessons Learned In Life love to share the Lea Michele Quotes on Motivation and Inspiration. We compile the Top Inspiring Lea Michele Quotes for you to be inspired and find them comforting and helpful in your life.

Lea Michele Quotes

  • “You should make your diet one that best fits you and how you feel. Listen to your body. The most important thing is to exercise, drink lots of water, and take really good care of yourself.” — Lea Michele
  • “I love my onscreen frenemy, Dianna Agron! Having the opportunity to work so closely with her has been amazing.” — Lea Michele
  • “Find something you’re passionate about and you know, do something.” — Lea Michele
  • “You don’t need to look like everybody else. Love who you are.” — Lea Michele

“Uniqueness is what makes you the most beautiful.” — Lea Michele

  • “I always sing Adele in the shower. But everyone should know you never sing an Adele song in public because no one’s better than Adele.” — Lea Michele
  • “I was one of the only girls in my high school that didn’t get a nose job. And if anybody needed it, I probably did. I’m proud to be on a positive show and to be a voice for girls and say, You don’t need to look like everybody else. Love who you are.” — Lea Michele
  • “I do have 14 tattoos, but I also do come home every single night and watch reality TV with my cat.” — Lea Michele
  • “If you believe in yourself you can make yourself whatever you want to be.” — Lea Michele

“I am obsessed with Gwyneth Paltrow.” — Lea Michele

  • “I am an unconventional beauty. I grew up in a high school where if you didn’t have a nose job and money and if you weren’t thin, you weren’t cool, popular, beautiful. I was always told that I wasn’t pretty enough to be on television.” — Lea Michele
  • “I make a vegan baked ziti. And even though that doesn’t sound enjoyable, it really is.” — Lea Michele
  • “One of my favourite things about ‘Spring Awakening‘ is that it is enjoyable and important for both kids and adults to see.” — Lea Michele
  • “I’m simple. I love hiking, going to the gym, doing some simple stuff. I love being outdoors, I love bike riding. Just stuff that’s fun!” — Lea Michele

“I feel like the luckiest girl in the world.” — Lea Michele

  • “I would tell 17-year-olds to be proud of who you are. Don’t try to change yourself for others. Focus on school and your future. Boys and friends will come and go, just focus on you and your future.” — Lea Michele
  • “I’m very comfortable with my own body. I come from Broadway — everybody’s naked on Broadway. I like to think of myself as more granola. I’m not going to run around naked or anything like that unless I’m at my own home. Today, I walked into my backyard and was standing out there naked for a while. Don’t tell: my neighbours will freak out!” — Lea Michele
  • “I would love Kate Middleton to be in ‘Glee.’ Wouldn’t that be fantastic? That would be great.” — Lea Michele
  • “I love to cook so much. I like to cook everything. I really like to eat my food.” — Lea Michele

“I love myself, the way I look, my body, but sometimes I can’t help but feel insecure.” — Lea Michele

  • “I have such a passion because I adore animals so much.” — Lea Michele
  • “Theatre just fills me up so much.” — Lea Michele
  • “I have loved ‘Les Miz’ for so long. It was the first Broadway show I’d ever done.” — Lea Michele
  • “I need some me-time. I have to remember to rest, because I have a natural energy and I don’t want to burn out.” — Lea Michele

“I love being healthy. I get a lot of sleep. I’m a girl who eats. And I feel beautiful no matter how I look. I have my family to thank for that.” — Lea Michele

  • “When it comes to ‘Glee,’ I feel like I’ve been in a relationship, and now I can mingle a bit.” — Lea Michele
  • “I knew what I wanted to be at 8 years old – an actor!” — Lea Michele
  • “My idea of heaven used to be relaxing at home with a cheese plate and champagne.” — Lea Michele
  • “’Glee’ has made me feel beautiful.” — Lea Michele

“I’m Italian and we curse a lot when we talk.” — Lea Michele

  • “Britney Spears is definitely my favourite past Candie’s girl; her campaigns were gorgeous.” — Lea Michele
  • “I worried that people wouldn’t like me. Now I try not to worry and focus on being happy.” — Lea Michele
  • “Sarfati. That’s my real last name. I don’t use it a lot because I got ‘Lea So-fatty,’ ‘Lea So-farty’ at school.” — Lea Michele
  • “I don’t go out to clubs. You’ll never see me on a table at a bar, jumping up and down.” — Lea Michele

“I love horses so much. Horses are my life.” — Lea Michele

  • “Confidence is what makes you stand out.” — Lea Michele
  • “I’m a vegan. It makes me feel really good and bright.” — Lea Michele
  • “I want to be in ‘Funny Girl.’ And I want Ryan Murphy to direct it.” — Lea Michele
  • “I’ve known since day one of working on ‘Spring Awakening’ – back in 1999 – that it was special.” — Lea Michele

“I’ve always been such a fan of Habitat for Humanity and the work that they do.” — Lea Michele

  • “Trust me, sunscreen is so, so, so important and so I always wear sunscreen, but I still get really tan.” — Lea Michele
  • “I’m a really big animal lover.” — Lea Michele
  • “Grief is a very scary thing, and there comes a point where it can really take you down.” — Lea Michele
  • “Nobody should be entirely defined by one thing” — Lea Michele

“It’s so important, so comforting, to have lampposts in this world who can light the way.” — Lea Michele


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