32 Jameis Winston Quotes Of Motivation

32 Jameis Winston Quotes Of Motivation

Jameis Winston was born on January 6, 1994, in Bessemer, Alabama. Jameis Winston is an American football quarterback & He played as a free agent. His full name is Jameis Lanaed Winston. In the time of high school, James Winston was a highly regarded quarterback & as a junior, he led the team to the state championship. James Winston played college football for the Florida State & became the youngest player to win the Heisman Trophy as a redshirt freshman. Heisman trophy lead the  James Winston Team to a victory in the BCS National Championship Game in 2014. we at Lessons Learned In Life love to share the Jameis Winston Quotes on Motivation and Inspiration. We compile the Top Inspiring Jameis Winston Quotes for you to be inspired and find them comforting and helpful in your life.

Jameis Winston Quotes:

1.“I just have to keep working hard.” — Jameis Winston

2.“I look good, and I know it.” — Jameis Winston

3.“I always knew that my identity wasn’t in football. It wasn’t in baseball. I knew it’s always been in Christ and just my upbringing has always led me to have a tremendous faith that God was going to see me through and he would not give me too much that I couldn’t bear.” — Jameis Winston

4.“My goal is to get better every year and statistically that has happened in a lot of different things.” — Jameis Winston

5.“A lot of people thought I was fat, but I’m proving everybody wrong.” — Jameis Winston

6.“Coach Koetter is an amazing offensive coordinator.” — Jameis Winston

7.“Every game I try to get better and better.” — Jameis Winston

8.“I know I have a past.” — Jameis Winston

9.“I know I’ve made mistakes.” — Jameis Winston

10.“I was baptized when I was younger because I grew up in the church.” — Jameis Winston

11.“I’m a strong believer that coaches coach and players play.” — Jameis Winston

12.“I dream of being a Hall of Famer one day.” — Jameis Winston

13.“I believe when you’re communicating with any player, you’re going to have some disagreements.” — Jameis Winston

14.“I’m just ready to play football. I’m ready to get involved in the community, I’m ready to just do positive things and move forward.” — Jameis Winston

15.“You never focus on the negative.” — Jameis Winston

16.“I have nothing to prove.” — Jameis Winston

17.“I always make sure I’m talking to kids about education.” — Jameis Winston

18.“In the NFL, you have to take advantage of every opportunity that you get, and if you don’t, you’ll usually lose.” — Jameis Winston

19.“In college, I was up under this microscope everywhere I went. I couldn’t go to class without somebody stalking me or asking me for something, an autograph or a picture.” — Jameis Winston

20.“Losing, I believe… losing is too easy. And I hate easy stuff.” — Jameis Winston

21.“Going out there and losing is so easy. I want stuff to be hard – that’s why I want to win championships, I want to win games.” — Jameis Winston

22.“When my back’s against the wall, I need to rise to the occasion.” — Jameis Winston

23.“I want to be someone who depended on his mind, his arm.” — Jameis Winston

24.“I just love the game. I’ve got a passion for the game.” — Jameis Winston

25.“I am going to develop some smarter habits.” — Jameis Winston

26.“Bottom line, to win football games, we’ve got to get Mike Evans the ball.” — Jameis Winston

27.“I know I have to live up to the hype wherever I go. If I’m an inch below the standard, it’ll be chaos.” — Jameis Winston

28.“Some people don’t understand that after football season, I’ve got to go to baseball.” — Jameis Winston

29.“I used to be a hitter when I was in high school.” — Jameis Winston

30.“I’m not a selfish player; it’s about our team.” — Jameis Winston

31.My confidence will never waver.” — Jameis Winston

32.“I know who I am as a person and as a player.” — Jameis Winston

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