Katie Hill Quotes 2020

Katie Hill Quotes 2020

35 Best Katie Hill Quotes

Katie Hill was born on August 25, 1987, in Abilene, Texas, U.S. Her full name is Katherine Lauren Hill. Katie Hill is a politician and social services administrator from California. Katie also served as U.S. Representative for California’s 25th congressional district in 2019. She is the executive director of  PATH, which is a non-profit organization working for homelessness throughout C.A. Katie Hill is a member of the Democratic Party.

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Katie Hill Quotes

1.“Immigration customs enforcement is a role that makes sense. We have to have something that is doing that.” — Katie Hill

2.“What is important to me is that I’m not accountable to and not controlled by the party leadership. At the end of the day, I’m able to make my own decisions according to what’s best for the community and the constituents I represent. It doesn’t depend on what the partisanship is to the right or to the left.” — Katie Hill

3.“I will not allow my experience to scare off other young women or girls from running for office. For the sake of all of us, we cannot let that happen.” — Katie Hill

4.“You don’t wait for somebody to give you something. Then it’s not going to happen.” — Katie Hill

“If I screw up then everyone’s paying attention and I’ll hear about it.” — Katie Hill

6.“One of the things we need to do is address mental health care as an integral part of primary care. People often aren’t able to navigate a separate system, so you see successful models where a primary care physician is able to identify, diagnose, and concurrently help people get mental health treatment who have mental health issues.” — Katie Hill

7.“I know that even a consensual relationship with a subordinate is inappropriate, but I still allowed it to happen despite my better judgment.” — Katie Hill

8.“Maybe you’re not going to be able to pass sweeping health care reform in your first year in Congress. But you can help someone with a social security settlement that’s going to change their life… That’s pretty cool.” — Katie Hill

9.“It’s very easy to vilify someone when they’re objectified. The right-wing did it to Nancy Pelosi for years and years and years.” — Katie Hill

10.“I think divorce doesn’t necessarily bring out the best in people.” — Katie Hill

11.“There’s nothing that can put more strain on a relationship than running for office.” — Katie Hill

12.“My district has a large number of Independents, if you say anything about a 70 percent tax rate, you lose people right away.” — Katie Hill

13.“I think there are phrases that are exciting to a certain group within the Democratic Party but scare the crap out of other people.” — Katie Hill

14.“I never thought my imperfections would be weaponized and used to try to destroy me and the community that I have loved.” — Katie Hill

“If you want something to actually happen, just voting isn’t enough.” — Katie Hill

16.“The public is going to be looking for examples of immaturity or inexperience or whatever it might be, but I think that’s where we have to prove what we’re capable of doing from a policy standpoint and from a leadership standpoint.” — Katie Hill

17.“The reality is that government is a participative process.” — Katie Hill

18.“I am proud to stand with working families and honored to have AFGE’s support.” — Katie Hill

19.“I grew up riding horses and one of the most important things I learned was that when you fall off, you have to get right back up in the saddle.” — Katie Hill

20.“I am going to continue to fight for our democracy, for representation, for justice and equality and making the world a better place.” — Katie Hill

21.“I am thankful that members of advisory councils will serve as ‘boots on the ground‘ to provide valuable feedback and recommendations directly from the community regarding policies, programs, and resources that enhance and support our district.” — Katie Hill

22.“I don’t need polling to tell me what are the issues that matter to people.” — Katie Hill

23.“I’m here to serve the entire community. It doesn’t matter if you voted for me or not.” — Katie Hill

24.“I’m about real representation in government.” — Katie Hill

“We are a big-tent party, but we have to come together as a caucus and say ‘These are the things we can agree on’ and push forward.” — Katie Hill

26.“We need to really be careful to not just be responsive to whatever happens with Trump but to be proactive on things people elected us to do.” — Katie Hill

27.“There is a narrative of ‘Washington fighting’ because it’s interesting and it’s drama.” — Katie Hill

28.“I wasn’t planning on becoming a politician. I was incredibly fulfilled in my role at PATH.” — Katie Hill

29.“If you’re trying to appeal to my generation you’ve got to be honest.” — Katie Hill

30.“A lot of people told me I should be quiet about being bisexual and not say anything, but for me, this is a part of my identity.” — Katie Hill

31.“Asylum under the traditional definition doesn’t necessarily include people coming here for economic reasons, but I think one of the biggest things we need to do is expand legal immigration so people can do that legally.” — Katie Hill

32.“The federal government has no business in restricting basic human rights based on sexual orientation, and I am ready to protect equality at every turn in Congress.” — Katie Hill

33.“It’s one thing to answer to constituents. It’s another thing to have professional disruptors show up at an event with the intent to derail so that you can’t connect with your constituents.” — Katie Hill

34.“There is no comparison to me and Nancy Pelosi. On most of the issues I’m going to be more progressive, but I’m going to look at it from the lens of what is best for my community.” — Katie Hill

“Playing nice isn’t really something that’s in my vocabulary. I just do what I think is right.” — Katie Hill

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